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Relaxing massage

Relaxing massage is suitable for spinal and full-body pains that originate under constant stress, from doing routine actions at work, school or from being a maternity leave mom. Masseur or masseuse will mix an oil just for what you need, be it harmonization, relaxation or stimulation of organism to reach the best massage effect.

Sport massage

Sport massage belongs to regenerative procedures that influence organism of a sportsman in training or recovery period. It results in muscle hyperemia, warming-up the body and heightened excitability of CNS (central nerve system) by which the organism becomes more prepared for a high performance.

Classical massage

It belongs among basic treatment procedures. It stimulates the blood circulation and lymphatic system; it helps to remove toxins from the body and keeps the skin flexible.

Gift card

If you want to give one of our massages to your close one as a gift, we will gladly make you a gift car according to your wishes.


It is a whole-body massage which focuses on all parts of your body including your intimate parts and zones. It connects the elements of classical massage with tantra rituals (massage with natural oils, gentle touches with feathers, fans, gloves,…). It is a body worshipping ritual. The massage is energizing and at the same time magically erotic.


Everything is beautiful, relaxing and pleasant. Whoever wants to experience something and exciting must definitely try BODY TOUCH massage. It is the most intense of the tantra massage. During a massage, the masseuse uses not only her hands, but also her entire body. The beautiful, naked, oiled and hot body of the masseuse provokes unbelievable excitement. The masseuse slips gently and sensually with her body on your body, leading you to excitement and sexual tension. You will experience a tremendous increased energy in the body that translates into a beneficial condition and complete harmony. The effect of the massage persists for a long time.

Mutual massage

Let yourself be carried away by your feelings. In a mutual massage, the tantra masseuse will guide you through the paradise in the true sense of the word. It is a massage full of touches, in which you relax completely, during which the masseuse invites you to massage her hot, oiled body, ready and fully devoted to you. With plenty of touch on the whole body you will feel like in paradise. Together you will immerse yourself in a unique experience and deep relaxation.

Welness massage

Welness masáž t is an exclusive package for perfect relaxation. It is mainly intended for demanding clients. The massage begins with a common bath, enriched with a sauna and continues with tantra massage of your choice.

Prostate massage

It is possible to order it with any of the tantric massages. It is an external and internal stimulation of the prostate.

Four-handed massage

Each of the tantra massages can also be selected as a four-handad massage. Pleasant feelings are multiplied by two. Your satisfaction is made by your chosen pair of girls.

Pair massage

It is designed for couples who seek to relax together or want to spice up their sex life.